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Intelligent Innovations

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The Future of Lawn Maintenance Is Now

We’re working to bring innovative and dependable products that free your time and energy so you can be more productive and enjoy life to the fullest. Spending hours every week doing yard work will become a thing of the past. Our A.I.-powered lawn robot is here to change the landscape of lawn care.

Heisenberg Robotics LawnMeister, master of the lawn. LawnMeister, master of the lawn.


The Ultimate Lawn Robot

The Power of AI

We are a young company with a core technology that is years in the making. Through a proprietary vision-based autonomous driving system including built-in cameras, VSLAM technology and deep learning algorithms, our products are able to work smartly and efficiently for their owners by being aware of their surroundings and avoiding obstacles to ensure safety for people and animals.

Join the LawnMeister Beta Program

You get to test the new LawnMeister lawn robot before the public does. Give us your feedback to help us improve the product.